A Long-Term Capital and Strategic Partner.

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Epacria Capital Partners is a family office managing a range of both public and private investments.


Epacria Capital Partners employs a generalist value investment philosophy with a focus on achieving attractive long-term after-tax returns and minimizing the risk of permanent capital impairment.

We focus on niche businesses, complicated situations, or out-of-favor sectors that require patient capital and meaningful commitments of time and energy from a capital partner.

We work in close partnership with our portfolio companies and try to add value by many means other than simply providing capital.

Investment Criteria

We are free to invest at any level of the capital structure, in any industry, and in any geography, provided we feel we can understand the relevant risks.


  • Epacria Capital Partners
  • 885 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 2
  • Boulder, CO 80302
  • info@epacria.com